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CHOKU is a Japanese craft shochu brand offering a selection of rare small-batch spirits. Our aspiration is to preserve Japan’s ancient distilling traditions, rooted in the richness of its terroir while blending them with a new generation of innovative master distillers.
Our craft shochu are all made in the original rice shochu capital of the world, Kumamoto with a history of over 500 years. All of our raw ingredients including water are sourced from the rich terroir of Kumamoto along with our distillation and maturation.
CHOKU aims to entice and intrigue you to the world of Japanese craft shochu.

Our Story

Our Story

Our story began when our founding member went on a journey to find out about his family history. He discovered that his roots traced back to a samurai family who governed the Hitoyoshi / Kuma region of Kyushu for 700 years and were the originators of rice shochu.
As a means to maintain a connection with his history and share his story with as many people through experiences, our founders set out to create a brand of original craft shochu. CHOKU is a manifestation of our founders’ desire to experiment, pioneer and to share a new narrative about craft shochu.

Hitoyoshi / Kuma is said to be the birthplace of rice
shochu and is still known as the
most highly condensed
area of distilleries to population ratio in the world.


    • Distilled & Aged

      Following traditional distillation, fermentation methods, and family recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation our small-batch shochu is created by independent family-run master distillers. As shochu is aged and continues to age in the bottle, it can be kept for long periods of time and matured to enjoy an evolving set of flavor and aroma profiles.

    • Natural Ingredients & Terroir

      Created by carefully selected local rice and water, our craft shochu has received Geographic Indication (GI) as a world-class spirit alongside Cognac brandy & Bordeaux wine. The rich volcanic soil of the Kyushu region, high in minerals and fed by crystal-clear springs and rivers is considered one of Japan’s best agricultural regions.

    • Unique Flavors & Aromas

      From light and refreshing to rich and profound flavors, shochu offers an abundant range of flavor and aroma profiles to fit your mood and can be paired with various foods.

    • Pure & Light

      With varieties containing few additives and with a lower alcohol content that other spirits, shochu drinkers in Japan claim fewer hangovers.
      Shochu can also be enjoyed straight or as a mixer in cocktails.

    • Zero Carbs & Sugar

      Our rice shochu are free from carbs, sugar & gluten
      making it a healthier spirit to enjoy. It is also lower in
      calories than most other spirits like vodka & tequila as well as brewed drinks like sake, beer and wine.

    • Easy To Store

      Unlike sake, shochu is a distilled liquor, which can be stored at room temperature and with a long shelf life.

    Kome Joatsu

    • Ingredient: Organic White Rice
    • Distillation: Atmospheric Pressure
    • Master Distiller: Shiro Toyonaga
    • Vintage: 2020
    • ABV: 38%
    • Vol: 500ml